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About Broadacre Irrigation

Broadacre Irrigation is a leader in the sprinkler irrigation industry based in Goondiwindi, Queensland.

ZimmaticBroadacre Irrigation is the dealer for Lindsay Manufacturing "Zimmatic" centre pivots and lateral move irrigators in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

LindsayLindsay Manufacturing machines have been in Australia for over 25 years. Over this time they have built a reputation for strength, reliability and ease of management.

Broadacre Irrigation occupies a unique position in the spray irrigation industry in that the owners of the business have personal experience of owning, running and maintaining the machines they sell.

The directors have between them more than 40 years personal experience in spray irrigation. They have more than 300,000 engine hours of experience of growing many summer and winter crops (cotton, corn, sorghum, soya beans, wheat, barley, chick peas, durum) under low application rate centre pivots.

They also have a proven record of practical innovation and product development.
It could be said that they have already made or seen many of the mistakes with this type of irrigation and hence their clients now gain the benefit.

Broadacre Irrigation has over 100 Zimmatic centre pivot and lateral moves working in its serviced area. These machines range in size from 10ha pivots right through to laterals which can cover around 300ha.

     Towable Centre Pivot

They have experience with machines with application capacities as low as 4mm/ha/day through to 14mm/ha/day. Broadacre Irrigation offers their clients this knowledge and wide experience, which won't be found easily from other suppliers.

Broadacre Irrigation is fully integrated with its own staff all the way along the supply chain from design, installation and service. Broadacre Irrigation has now opened its new fully stocked warehouse in Goondiwindi. This enables them to supply many machines straight from stock as well as direct import to site. It also means no delays in supplying spare parts.