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Support Structure


    Standard 11-gauge Zimmatic pipelines feature 15 percent thicker walls than those of the competition, providing additional strength and stability to each span. Available sizes include:
  • 5 9/16 inch (14.1 cm)
  • 6 5/8 inch (16.8 cm)
  • 8 inch (20.3 cm)
  • 10 inch (25.4 cm)


Truss Rods & Trusses

 Truss Rods    Trusses    Zimmatic’s exclusive “V-Jack” truss design distributes the load evenly, providing superior support and durability. Forged-head truss rods in heavy pocket-type brackets add strength and support to each span.

Crossed Stabilizer Angles

“X-type” bracing links each span with the next tower, absorbing torsional stress that can be caused by uneven terrain.

Formed Outlets

  Rather than relying on welded outlets that can leak over time, Zimmatic systems feature sprinkler outlets that are formed as an integral part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal. Zimmatic formed outlets come with a 20-year warranty.