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the power to manage all of your pivots at your convenience

Monitor and manage your pivots - any pivot, anytime and anywhere.

Any Pivot


You can monitor any pivot with FieldNET – no matter what brand it is. FieldNET builds a network between pivots, giving you full control and monitoring capabilities.



You’ll receive real-time text message alerts to any cell phone, so you can stay informed on pivot status – day or night. Plus, the ability to control your pivots from your cell phone means control from literally anywhere.  And fewer trips to your field means substantial savings on fuel, labour and most importantly, time.  



FieldNET also gives you fast, easy access to your pivots from the Internet or your phone – so no matter where you are, it’s easy to manage them. The user-friendly Web portal provides a quick view of every pivot, information on location, status and water usage. Smart Phone compatible.

Upgrade at your own pace

FieldNET gives you the option of upgrading from a FieldNET Advance service plan to a FieldNET Premier service plan – providing you monitoring and control choices designed for your needs.

Customer Service

If you’d like more information on our products or services, a Lindsay customer care representative will be happy to answer any questions.
FieldNET is now available with Map View, which uses GPS coordinates to let you view all of your pivots simultaneously, providing a clear, comprehensive update on pivot status.

Two levels of pivot control

Choose FieldNET, a unique service that gives you a choice that best fits each individual pivot on your farm. Both FieldNET Advanced and FieldNET Premier provide a comprehensive array of monitoring features, so talk with your Zimmatic dealer to determine which option best suits your needs – and your farm.
1 Requires start control kit.
2 Advanced Plan pivot position is
estimated – based on a calculation of direction, speed, and time.
3 Premier Plan pivot position is actual – based on an encoder position system or GPS sensor.
4 FieldBOSS and AIMS Advance
controller feature only.
5 Electric driven pivots.