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Ditch Fed

If you’ve got a square or rectangular field, you may want to consider a lateral move irrigation system that could bring up to 98 percent of your crop into full production.


    Able to accommodate grades of up to one percent, this method relies on water supplied from a ditch located either in the center of or adjacent to the field.


    In order to assure that your system is delivering the best nutrients for your field in the most efficient way possible, your Zimmatic dealer can customize fertigation and chemigation equipment to your requirements.


Cart and Power Options

  • Two- or four-wheel carts are available, depending on system requirements.
  • Power can be supplied by an onboard diesel and generator set (plus onboard pump for ditch-fed systems) or by commercial power delivered through a heavy-duty, mining-type cable.

Guidance Systems

Zimmatic lateral move irrigation systems can be guided by furrow, aboveground cable or buried-cable methods.


System Type   Hose-Fed Ditch-Fed

Power Source
On-board diesel generator
or electrical cable

On-board diesel generator and pump
or electrical cable
Guidance System   Furrow, buried cable or
above ground cable

Above ground cable or buried cable