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Increase your yields by making better use of your land with a Zimmatic GEOlateral irrigation system. Apply the correct amount of water at the right time uniformly – in every part of your field. Furrow irrigation systems fall short in this area, providing too much water in some areas and not enough in others. But this easy-to-use, economical and reliable hose-fed system can replace your wheel line or flood irrigation system for better results year after year.

Versatile Dependable Cart

  • Pivoting lateral hose-fed with electrical pull cable or engine generator set
  • Exclusive Zimmatic collector ring designed to eliminate water flow restrictions
  • Four-wheel vesatile common platform allowing for 720-foot (219 m) hose
  • Six-wheel high-traction platform allowing for 920-foot (280 m) hose

Flexibility for your Field

  • Up to seven towers plus overhang equals a total distance of up to 1,341 feet (408 m) – for maximum field coverage
  • Able to irrigate multiple crops
  • Zimmatic standard, medium and high clearance tower options to meet specific crop height needs
  • Available pipe in 6 5/8-inch (16.8275 cm) or 8-inch (20.32 cm) diameter

Leading Control Technology

  • Specially designed GrowSmart controls with multilingual and metric capabilities
  • Informative display makes irrigation management easier than ever
  • Manage the system from Web or phone with optional FieldNET controls
  • Easily program water application rate by selecting irrigation amount
  • Apply fertigation and chemigation using integrated accessory control