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Control Systems

The GrowSmart GPS Controller uses the power of global positioning to identify the exact position of the controller in relation to the pivot point. This allows you to control water and fertilizer application through your end-guns or an entire bank of sprinklers – maintaining maximum control over all areas of your field.

GPS Controller Benefits

  • Add acres to increase ROI
  • Enhances any pivot system – regardless of brand
  • Integrates with FieldBOSS and FieldVISION controllers – and Zimmatic FieldPLUS articulated pivots
  • Keeps end-gun water off roads
  • Stand-alone mode does not require an added computer panel
  • Add more control options without the cost of additional span cable

By maintaining maximum control over all areas of your field, the GPS Controller keeps the important areas irrigated, while greatly reducing the amount of water used in zones that don’t.

FieldLINK Pump Control


FieldLINK’s wireless irrigation controls give you the power to start and stop pumps automatically, so you’ll make fewer trips to your fields – and save on water and fuel. The FieldLINK Pump Control base unit communicates with up to 100 remote units located at pumps or valves, constantly monitoring the pump circuit – and making sure remote units remain up and

  • Compact design installs in minutes and easily moves from pivot to pivot
  • Control pumps, valves and more – anything that can interface with normally open/closed contacts
  • Adjustable restart delay timer for power interruptions to prevent water hammer
  • Add more units quickly without special manufacturer configurations