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Poly Tanks

Specialists in rotational polyethylene products - Specialists in custom precast concrete products - Suppliers of dry mix concrete and mortar products

Better Products Better Service Better Support Betapoly Betacrete has been Central Queensland owned and operated for over 30 years. The first local manufacturer of tanks, Betapoly Betacrete continues to be synonymous with quality, service, support and reliability. New ownership and management for the business provides customers with over 65 years of experience so call today to discuss your poly or concrete needs.

Our Betapoly products are manufactured by qualified and certified personnel. Betapoly products are tough and impact resistant but also light and easy to install. Betapoly products are strong, durable and light enough to be relocated and can be used in urban, rural and industrial environments. Betapoly products are made from UV stabilised polyethylene which will never rust or corrode.

Betapoly Betacrete supplies quality packaged dry mix concrete and mortar products in varying quantities from 20kg bags to bulk orders for commercial requirements.

Our Betacrete products are made from high strength concrete by experienced professionals. Our extensive range offers a diverse line of products which includes tanks, troughs, pavers, stairs and garden ornaments.