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Water Meters

Ultrasonic Flowmetering for the Water Industry

As our precious water resources become more stretched, it is becoming increasingly important for reliable accurate metering to ensure the careful usage of this resource.
Applications include

  • Monitoring irrigation lines
  • Pump station control
  • Leakage detection
  • Batch control

From the farm to the factory, ultrasonic meters are available as either permanently mounted meters for single flow applications, to fully portable meters able to be taken from site to site and used to check product flows, or to confirm the accuracy of existing meters.

One of the big advantages of ultrasonics is that they are so easy to install and set up.

  • They do not require any insertion into the pipe; the transducers mount to the outside of the pipe, and are connected to the flow computer using cables (up to 100m long).
  • Set up can be achieved even with the pipeline still operating.
  • If the meter needs to be moved at a later date, there are no holes to plug, no pieces of pipe to replace, just unclamp the transducers and set up else where.

The PROSOL range of Ultrasonic meters will operate on virtually any pipe material, (including pipes with liners). With diameters ranging from 15mm to 3000mm. They will detect any fluid, from ultrapure water to lime slurries (up to 10-15%). As the transducers clamp to the outside of the pipe, there is no chance of damage to the sensors due to foreign particles through the line.

Once installed the meter is maintenance free, with no moving parts, and nothing protruding into the pipeline to be damaged. Transducers and flowmeter can be supplied with tamper proof covers.

As well as the local display showing flowrate, and totalised flow, there are a several other outputs, including a programmable alarm, 4-20mA, pulse counter, batch control, and RS232. A programmable datalogger can also be supplied with the meter.