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Dalby Project

This lateral is situated just out of Dalby.

This lateral is centre feed and consists of 19 spans with a total length of 936 metres.

It has a run length of 1200m.

It has a day application rate of 15 mm/ha/day

This machine has been designed with maximum flexibility when it comes to watering. This is one of a number of machines which have the flexibility of 2 sprinkler systems. This allows the management of water application to accurately match both the crop type and growth stage with environmental and management factors at any particular time.

This machine allows for ease of management and maximum water use efficiency. This is this clients 2nd machine and they view the extra capital cost of setting up a lateral with this configuration of sprinklers as justifiable due to their management and water savings.

This is an example of how this type of irrigation can be far more than just a way of delivering water.